Paradise Rec BOTB

I was late getting out to this, but arrived just in time for Over The Top. Just a short set, played a new song. Everybody was into it. It’s good to see HC kids, punks, metal kids, emos all getting down together, and I find this a lot in Paradise shows.

At Both Ends killed it. Their CD has to be one of the most anticipated albums and for very good reason. Anyone who got a sampler has a sneak-peak into what to expect.  The mosh was brought, even though a lot of kids were tossed out and not let back in by the security team brought in by the Town of Paradise, who sponsored the event. Those guys got quite out of hand. I guess the town is afraid of a lawsuit in case someone gets hurt in the pit, but when those people are the ones who are starting shit, well obviously there is a problem. I guess people don’t get that these shows happen all the time and rarely does anyone ever get seriously injured.

(Over The Top Photo by Jon Whitten)


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