Upcoming Shows

Paradise Rec BOTB

This Friday $5 @ Paradise Rec. Don’t forget, free At Both Ends sampler to the first 60 people featuring a track from the upcoming album as well as a cover that you’re not gonna get anywhere else. ABE are only playing, not competing. This is also the last Over The Top all ages show before they leave for tour, so don’t miss it.

LP VS House ShowLPVS Bar

From Truro, NS /L/P/ & VS. August 7th. $5 House show @ 10a Polina (Google Map it, it’s right off Kenmount Rd across from the Avalon Mall)  with Maps To Temenos (last show), SHLTS, Ben Fushell Youth & Weak Link.

/L/P/ & VS bar show August 8th @ Distortion with Dig Up The Dead, Icebreaker, Homesick & Cedric and Cyril. $8

/L/P/ & VS are also playing CBTG’s on the 6th (probably with some indie rock bands) & possibly the 8th in Marystown (house show, maybe?).  Those shows don’t have posters (yet?), but go anyway.


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