Return of Molotov Smile

Yo, I’ve been waiting until I got all the details to post this, but Molotov Smile are finally coming back to St. John’s for their first hometown shows since 2003 when the band relocated to Alberta. They’ve been playing steady out there for the past few years, so it’ll be good to finally see them play at home again. This band is the band that introduced me to the St. John’s scene back in 94 or 95 at Peace-A-Chord, so it’s pretty crazy to think that 15 years later this band is still going.

They’re also playing two shows with some good friends of mine from Carbonear called STN. Those guys have been on hiatus for a while when a few of those guys moved out of the province. Come out and show love, and also congratulate Jimmy on getting married in a couple weeks.

These shows are a big deal, make sure you’re there.

Molotov Smile
Cider Squadron 666
Weak Link
First Offence
Hot Live Death
July 17th @ Distortion (19+)

Molotov Smile

STN (Carbonear)

Over The Top
Astonish Yourself
Bomb Squad Bandits
Cider Squadron 666
July 18th @ Distortion (AA)

Molotov Smile
Four Of A Kind
The Potholes
July 18th @ Distortion (19+)


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