Glue Update

So after some border troubles, Glue are set to be in St. John’s for tonight’s bar show at Distortion with Broadcast Zero (Ontario), Dig Up The Dead, Class War Kids, Over The Top, Once Loved.

Tomorrow they’ll be playing an all ages show at the Old Bookshop in Manuels with At Both Ends, Icebreaker, At Large, Sentry. Starts 6ish I believe. Be there.

They also just got added to a bar show again at Distortion tomorrow night with Once Loved, Class War Kids, Broadcast Zero and a few yet-unnamed bands. I mean the bands haven’t been named yet, not that the bands don’t have names.

Monday night (I’m getting exhausted just trying to keep it all straight in my head as I type this) there’s another bar show at Distortion, this time with First Offence doing a set of GG Allin covers and Cider Squadron 666. Should be quite an event.

I don’t expect everyone to make it out to all of these shows, but at least go out to one or two and buy some merch. These dudes came a long way to be here so let’s spread some Fogtown-style apreesh around.


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